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In this scandal-filled novel of secrets, suspense, and scamming, a female con artist’s seemingly perfect double life built on lies finally catches up with her. Will appeal to fans of psychological suspense, gritty drama, and readers of De’Nesha Diamond, Kiki Swinson, Saundra, Wahida Clark, Ashley & JaQuavis, Victoria Christopher Murray, and Shelly Ellis.
Raised to be the ultimate scam artist, April has been many women to many people. She seduces, extracts fortunes, then vanishes without a trace. And now she’s finally living her dream of having two perfect—separate—lives. That means two mad-successful identities, and two unsuspecting husbands. But a mysterious package has just arrived—and its contents threaten to expose April’s every scandalous secret.
Up against a merciless, unknown adversary, April must maintain her flawless images—while revisiting her past exploits. She’ll need to step-up her tricks and utilize every conniving play she’s ever learned to save her freedom, and her life. But amid all those she’s wronged, even April’s insight and savvy can’t predict who she can trust—or who wants to end her. And the ultimate price she’ll have to pay promises anything but survival.

In Their Shadows

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