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DEADLY DOUBLE DATE | MarVista Entertainment | post-production, d. Courtney Miller

An out-of-love couple take a vacation to try and resolve their marriage troubles, but things get messy when their new friends turn out to be less friendly than they first thought.

THE MARRIAGE PASS | Neshama Entertainment | post-production, d. Sam Coyle

When a former playboy is granted permission to have a night "off" from marriage, he becomes tangled in a deadly web of deception when he uses the opportunity with his sister-in-law. (book-to-film)

NINE | Silver Lining Productions | post-production, d. Chris Attoh

When a series of witchcraft murders plague Ghana, a grieving homicide detective and an elite, all-female assassin group must track down the killer.

LACE | Season 2, Staff Writer | ALLBLK | 2022, d. Jamal Hill

Lace follows the courtroom, boardroom, and bedroom chess matches of Lacey McCullough as she and her firm navigate clients, cases, exclusive call-girl (and boy) services, and their personal lives.

PSEUDO | TUBI | 2022 (book-to-film), d. Herschel Grangent Jr.

Tormented by psychological delusions, a man begins to question his reality when he suspects he is being manipulated by his online girlfriend.

TRAP SOLDIERS | TUBI | 2022 (book-to-film), d. Arthur Muhammad

A street king's empire is at stake when an ongoing feud leaves a trail of bodies and an unhinged female bent on revenge.

GUTTA MAMIS | TUBI & Peacock | 2020 (book-to-film), d. Arthur Muhammad

Two ride-or-die friends are in peril when a dead victim of their crime plot leads one of them to break the "girl code" and tell all to a shady boyfriend.

THUGS CRY | Lock Down Publications | in production

DISHONORABLE | Boss Magnet Media | post-production, d. Porscha Bunch Hall

Plans to infiltrate the dope game take a backseat when a woman's past resurfaces and an unknown threat enters the mix.

THE PERFECT LOVE STORM | Camie Entertainment | TBD

‘The Perfect Love Storm’: Three Join Christina Cooper’s Romantic Drama – Deadline

COVENANT | Boss Magnet Media | optioned

THE WIVES WE PLAY | Rowhouse Productions | optioned

JUST ONE “MOORE” CHRISTMAS | Rowhouse Productions | optioned

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