I've always thought they needed rehab meetings for freaks like me. I probably wouldn't go, but if I did, I'm sure my introduction would be along the lines of, 'Hello, I'm Malaya and I am addicted to all-things kinky.' It may seem funny to some but I'm so serious. When it comes to kinky shit, I’ve always been a risk-taking kind of bitch. Maybe it’s some nagging curiosity to experiment. Ooohhh, what does that feel like? Or chalk it up to some kind of unquenchable sexual appetite. Now, I’m not always a giver, but I'm damn sure open to receive. Threesomes, toys, bondage: been there, done that. 

Once, I even had a guy lavishly indulge in some sort of fetish with my ass. No joke. He actually had me squat over his face and spread my ass cheeks so wide I thought they would split apart. He then proceeded to use his tongue to caress the crack of my ass until I was moaning and bouncing against the steady rhythm of his licks. Then, when I felt my juices beginning to trickle, he stiffened his tongue and used it to fuck my asshole until it was saturated with saliva. So much attention had me good and relaxed, because I even passed a little gas, and he buried his face between my cheeks, moaning and inhaling the aroma like he'd just gotten a delicious whiff of fresh bread at a bakery.

It should be obvious that I'm one-of-a-kind. So imagine my surprise when I went to a strip club a few years ago and lo-and-behold, meet Denise, or Neecy. This chick was into kinky shit too and we hit it off fast. I’m saying all this for a reason. When Neecy comes around, she’s more than likely gotten us into some off-the-wall freaky shit.

See what happens when Malaya indulges in Physical Theater, a freaky live entertainment show where she gets the "hands-on" experience of a lifetime.

An Erotic Short Story: Do you really know how to please a woman?

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