Heart Breaker

ISBN-13: 978-1943174010

Sexy and voluptuous, Jayla Morgan believes a woman can hook any man as long as you have "the right bait". The fact that Jayla is the right bait, puts her in a dangerous position. Managing a profitable business as a Heart Breaker and labeled a borderline prostitute by her family, Jayla does all she can to ignore the death threats of disgruntled lovers, while trying to secure a love life of her own. Unfortunately, success has its consequences and all that Jayla has managed to conceal may cause her to leave the luxurious lifestyle behind. But before Jayla can taste happiness, she has to untangle the dangerous web of twisted lies and deception she’s weaved. However, when Jayla’s scandalous ways are exposed, what results is an orgasmic infusion of erotic romance and drama beyond her wildest dreams. Readers beware!

Heart Breaker II: For the Love of Karma

ISBN-13: 978-1943174164

Heart Breaker returns with more scandal, more secrets, and more deception as everyone is out for one thing: revenge.

Over a year later, the time Jayla has spent in jail has done nothing to soften the hatred in her heart. After Jasmine's betrayal, it was only a matter of time before Jayla could give her a taste of her own medicine. An opportunity arises when a senator's wife, Sheila Weston, intervenes offering Jayla a Heart Breaker assignment that she can't refuse.

Betrayal is at every turn and no one can be trusted. As new secrets are revealed, Jayla finds herself tangled in a web so twisted that it brings her past full circle. Meanwhile, Jasmine has her own plans in motion and neither she nor Jayla realize just how dangerously intertwined their lives are. The plot thickens and new players emerge with their own hidden agendas. In this much-anticipated finale, all is fair in sex and revenge and lives are at stake as everyone fights to control the hands of karma. Some will succeed, some will fail, but only one will survive.

The Night Before Christmas - A Novella

ISBN-13: 978-1520180915

The sexual purge was a way for Corey and his wife Jada to reignite their love for one another. Every Christmas Eve, they exchanged the gift of opportunity; a Christmas Hall Pass where they could be "single" for the evening and entertain sexual desires outside of their marriage. One night only, no questions asked. For years, it worked and allowed them to remain faithful the other 364 days. But this year, one sexual encounter could shatter their marriage and lives entirely.


Jada's sister, Erin, is visiting for the holidays and what better way for Corey to take full advantage of his freedom night than with a piece of forbidden fruit. Erin is wild in youth and though Corey loves his wife, he can't deny the sexual attraction with her younger sister. He is well within the established rules but knows he is playing dangerously close with fire. And with good reason. A liberating night of guilt-free sex with his sister-in-law is not without its repercussions. Especially when Erin is determined to take Corey for herself by any means necessary.


Three lives spiral out of control when a one-night stand turns into a full-blown affair. Secrets and lies compound and deception tangles the once innocent relationships of family and matrimony. Who do you turn to when the ties that bind aren't so trusting? What happens when permission leads to consequences that can destroy to the point of no return?

SexProv - An Erotic Short Story

"I've always thought they needed rehab meetings for freaks like me. I probably wouldn't go, but if I did, I'm sure my introduction would be along the lines of, 'Hello, I'm Malaya and I am addicted to all-things kinky.' It may seem funny to some but I'm so serious. When it comes to kinky shit, I’ve always been a risk-taking kind of bitch. Maybe it’s some nagging curiosity to experiment. Ooohhh, what does that feel like? Or chalk it up to some kind of unquenchable sexual appetite. Now, I’m not always a giver, but I'm damn sure open to receive. Threesomes, toys, bondage: been there, done that." 

See what happens when Malaya indulges in Physical Theater, a freaky live entertainment show where she gets the "hands-on" experience of a lifetime.