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Hello and welcome to my official website. I am excited to bring you a new take on contemporary erotic fiction. Yes, my work surpasses explicit, but my stories are not just about sex. If you are thirsting for flavor, rich plots and words that stimulate physically, mentally, and emotionally, then you’ve come to the right place. Read at your own risk!

Who is Briana Cole?

Born and bred right here in Atlanta, I’ve been an avid reader since I could pick up a book. For some reason, I was always drawn to romance (I chalk it up to the hopeless romantic Taurus in me). Growing up, I devoured all of Nora Roberts books and slowly evolved to Zane and Kimberla Lawson Roby. I studied Writing and Linguistics at Georgia Southern University (the real GSU) where I was able to really saturate myself in different writers and styles. Then, I found my niche. People often ask me how I come up with my ideas and I can honestly say, I don’t know. But between the writer and the actor in me, I definitely enjoy exercising my creativity.

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The Diary

This thing is HUGE!

Everything is taking off so well, I hope I can handle what’s in store! Not only is my audience growing, but my publisher organized a marketing campaign with a very reputable promotions company.

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I never knew my first time would be a waste of time but I’ll always remember thinking I had better things to do and why did I care if he was pouring his little heart in it because there weren’t any fireworks or even a spark which was probably why I wished I

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