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I had my first Facebook interview with the Sisters Into Reading/Reviewing Book Club (SIRR) last week. Check it out below!

SIRR: Hey Briana, can you tell us a little something about yourself before I start?

Briana: My pleasure! I pen under the name Briana Cole and I write urban romance fiction. I’ve been writing since I could hold a pen, lol. I went to school and studied Creative Writing at Georgia Southern University. Now, I’m beyond excited my writing career is taking off!

SIRR: How many books have you published thus far?

Briana: I self-published my first short story recently and it is now available completely free on my website at www.brianacole.com. My debut novel will be released in May. That’s all I have under my belt so far but there will be PLENTY more!

SIRR: Why did you decide to write under a pen name?

Briana: I decided to write under a pen name for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, ‘Collins’ is my married name and we’re divorced, lol. But mainly because I plan to eventually branch out into different genres and I don’t want to be just associated with the adult content I write now.

SIRR: What genre will you write mostly in?

Briana: To start, I plan on sticking to the urban romance/urban erotica category. But I’ve been working on some suspense thrillers, fantasy, and even a children’s book (Hence, the pen name).

SIRR: So what made you decide to write erotica?

Briana: I grew up reading Zane back, forth, and upside down. I enjoy reading erotica and I have even more fun writing it.

SIRR: How did you come up with the wildness from your short story? That chick was freaky.

Briana: Great question, lol. I’ve gotten that one a few times. My stories are a combination of my fantasies, a little bit of personal experiences, and the like. I always think, “Well even if I wouldn’t do it, I can surely write about someone who will.” Plus, I’m into theater and roleplaying so that plays a part, too.

SIRR: Do you think everyone has a darkside in the bedroom?

Briana:  I do believe everyone has a darkside in the bedroom. Absolutely! Some people are too shy or scared to let the beast out. I say ‘go for it!’

SIRR: Do you think your books can spice up some relationships?

Briana: I surely do believe my books can spice up some relationships. In fact, that’s my goal. Some people don’t realize how important the sexual aspect is to a successful relationship. That’s why you see I will also post my little ‘spicesavers.’ Just little tips and tricks for people.

SIRR: As far as fantasies. What fantasy will be on your bucketlist?

Briana: LOL, Denise am I allowed to say it in here? Teasing. I’m always open to trying new things, to an extent. Like I probably wouldn’t try threesomes and such but between me and my partner, I’m all for toys, public locations, bondage, etc.

SIRR: If your closest friends were to read your short stories, what would they think about you?

Briana: They actually have read my stories. Some of them were surprised, and some expected it. I can be a little explicit. But I also think I use writing as an outlet for my alter ego. Like my own little Sasha Fierce but not dancing on stage.

SIRR: So would you say that everything you write about, can be tried in the bedroom? There is nothing to unrealistic in your books.

Briana: I think what I write about can be tried in the bedroom but of course, it’s up to the individuals. I’m not responsible for any breakups, lol. But I also do the giveaways with the naughty gift baskets because I do feel sex is very important for a relationship.

SIRR: Does your alter ego have a name? Tell me something your alter ego will do that your to afraid to try?

Briana: Hm . . . my alter ego is Nikki. And she is straight up kinky! She’s pretty much open to EVERYTHING! That’s why I have to keep that chick on a leash.

SIRR: What do you think erotica books are missing these days?

Briana: These days, I feel erotica books are missing the STORY! Don’t be so wrapped up in the sex that you don’t even have a plot or anything happen. I can watch porn for that type of pleasure.

SIRR: Do you believe in the motto. What one women won’t do the next one will?

Briana: I do believe in that motto, to an extent. But of course, I would expect my partner to not put me in a situation I’m not comfortable with and respect my wishes on certain things I won’t do. We have to have compromise as well.

SIRR: What would a reader take away from your books?

Briana: Readers will take away a great sense of enjoyment. I craft my books to stimulate physically, mentally, and emotionally so I want my readers to feel entertained, educated, and definitely turned on!

SIRR: Will you always keep the situations raw and uncut with no chaser?

Briana: Any ‘Briana Cole’ book will definitely be uncensored. So reader discretion advised.

SIRR: You mentioned educate. How will your books educate?

Briana: My books will educate as well because I want readers to perhaps take away a little trick or two. Even if it’s something kinky a character said or did.

SIRR: You said you went to college for creative writing. So will we see different creativity in every book you write?

Briana:  Oh absolutely!! I have no limits! Plus, I read A LOT so that also sparks creativity. I get tired of reading the same-o, same-o.

SIRR: How do you feel about poor editing? Will you always give us good quality work?

Briana: I can’t promise to catch every little thing because I am only human. But I promise I will definitely strive for the very best in quality stories. Poor editing is distracting and I definitely don’t want to be one of those, ‘oh it was good but I couldn’t get past all the errors.’ That’s not fair to my readers.

SIRR: Does your mood affect the way you write?

Briana: My mood does affect the way I write so I try to get in my ‘groove’ by putting myself into a certain place. Like music always does it for me. And get this, if I’m not feeling the sexual scenes, I research by watching a little porn and yeah. That will put me in the right frame of mind.

SIRR: Do you find it hard to draw people to your books?

Briana: I sometimes find it difficult to draw people. Not everyone is receptive to my style or to my genre but I can’t please everybody. I just do what I can to write the best story possible and allow my words to magnetize.

SIRR: Do you trade books with other authors?

Briana:  I’ve never traded books with other authors but I will if the opportunity presents itself.

SIRR: How much of the book is realistic?

Briana: How much of my book is realistic? Well I like to leave that one to my reader’s imagination.

SIRR: How can someone find you on social media? And how can someone download your free short story?

Briana: My author page is www.facebook.com/BrianaCSpice. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter @ BrianaCSpice. My website is www.brianacole.com and anyone who subscribes to my mailing list will receive my free eshort story, Sexprov, as well as an exclusive excerpt of my debut novel due for release in May! Oh and a BIG shoutout to my publishing company Life Changing Books for turning my dream into reality!

SIRR: To close up our 30 minutes, what would you want the readers to know about you? Or something I didn’t get a chance to mention in this short time.

Briana: I’m trying to build an empire. I’ve coined the term ‘Spiceual’ to describe my writing because it is spicy but also sensual. I plan on branching into the adult novelty business, even doing some t-shirts and bags . . . this is a big deal for me. So in advance, I want to thank EVERYONE who is supporting me (readers, book clubs, etc) as I head in this new direction!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HAVING ME!

SIRR: You can do it Briana …. Then I’m going to say I interviewed her before!!!

Briana: Yes Ma’am! My very first interview in fact, so it is very much appreciated! Great questions!

SIRR: Thank you Briana….. This group was put in place to support and interact with authors.

Briana: All my love to SIRR!!!




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